Live Oak Advisors provides transaction and CFO advisory services with a focus on private equity sponsored, middle market companies.

We help to solve a variety of business needs and problems: managing change, executing deals, and completing key financial projects.

There are many important milestones or events in the investment life cycle where the expertise of a confident, experienced advisor or interim financial officer can help. ​

  • Your are entering a merger, acquisition, or other important shift in structure or organization.

  • Key team members or financial executives are retiring or moving on to other opportunities.

  • Your company is considering a shift in financial operating models or core accounting processes and needs assistance to make sure the changes the change happens efficiently and without errors.

  • Your company is starting a major new program or initiative and you need reliable temporary help to reduce the burden on the existing team of financial and accounting executives.

  • You need objective, credible, practical advice on how to reform or improve company financial processes.​

CFO Advisory Services

If your company needs short-term assistance with a financial challenge, we can provide experienced interim financial management to add stability in times of change. This allows existing management to do what they do best - execute effective strategies for success.

  • Full-time interim CFO services for companies in transition such as a key employee change, structural transformation, or change of control.

  • Experienced "arms and legs" to assist existing CFOs in investigating, identifying, and resolving issues related to the finance and accounting function.

  • Support and execution of special projects such as budget projections, financial statement audits, and financial planning and analysis.

  • Deep capability in ad hoc financial analysis such as strategic alternatives, corporate financial modeling, and benchmarking.

Transaction Services

We help to organize and execute the most effective strategy for a business deal. This includes complete and detailed due diligence, proper valuation, integration planning, and preparation for divestiture and reorganization.

  • Evaluation of target revenue and earnings quality.

  • Identification of items impacting EBITDA, such as non-recurring, non-cash, out-of-period, run-rate, and pro forma adjustments.

  • Analysis of target balance sheet composition, including quality of net working capital, trends, and the identification of debt and debt-like items.

  • Identification of key business drivers such as trends in profitability and business risks such as adverse developments, customer concentration issues and deal critical considerations.

  • Sell-side preparation and support for companies contemplating or executing an acquisition process. 

We're ready to help


Live Oak Advisors is ready to help your company with a wide range of financial challenges, and our skills and past experiences have enabled us to specialize in a set of the most important fields. If you require assistance in any of these areas, our advisors are especially suited to help your staff find the right answers.